Adjustable-function cordless strapping machine: Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual and "precision"
Automatic or semi-automatic mode
Easy to use and simple setup.
Suitable for both horizontal and vertical excellent stability.
The latest generation of lithium battery-powered brushless engine.
Packaging Type

For flat surface: min length 120mm-5’’ ,curved surface:min diameter 700 mm -2’’

Strapping Type  PP/PET
Strapping Width 10 mm / 16 mm
Strapping Gauge 0.5 mm/ 1.10 mm
Max Tension Power 2.750 N
Sensitive Mode 500 N
Max Tension Speed Max Tension Speed:15 m / min
Merging Shape Vibration welding
Weight 3,70 kg with battery
Battery  Makita 14.4 Vdc – 3.0 Ah Li-ion